Tree Pruning

Tree Pruning Services

Custom care plans and regular pruning by our arborists will help to maintain the health, beauty and safety of your trees for years to come.

We skillfully prune to:

  • Remove dead or diseased branches to encourage new growth
  • Allow adequate clearance around buildings and structures
  • Thin canopies to reduce physical strain, increase air flow and light penetration to the landscape below
  • Shape trees’ overall structure to enhance natural beauty

We specialize in the delicate care required to manage large, old, veteran trees. Veteran trees are managed in order to maintain their biological, cultural and historical value.

Retrenchment Pruning

Our Team has the respected skill and knowledge to prescribe and perform Canopy Retrenchment Pruning programs. Retrenchment Pruning is a process of reducing and managing the risk associated with large, old, veteran trees. It is NOT tree Topping, and requires the assessment and understanding of tree vitality, species and current growth conditions.